Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ripple News - Free Album Download - Gene Dante and the Future Starlets

For all of you waveriders out there who're moaning that they just don't make flashed up, pure theatrical glam rock like they used to . . . have we got a surprise for you. Hailing from Boston, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets literally burst across the cosmic glamosphere riding in a flaming comet tail of David Bowie, Peter Murphy, and Ian Hunter. There's even a shade of T. Rex in their riff heavy, pop savy glam and roll.

And to make this world just a little sweeter place, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets invite all waveriders to download their new album, The Romantic Lead, free for a limited time. That's right . . . zero dinero to catch what may be the next great act in glam rock.

Upon hearing Gene, the Boston Herald proclaimed "There's a thrill in his drama-lounge delivery, sturdy melodies and on-the-money band, capable of handling anything from punk to power pop."

So do yourself a favor, click that sexy little link below and bring some glam back into your days. But do it quick, before this free offer becomes nothing but a memory.


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