Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ripple News - NWOBHM Band, Dark Heart Re-release Shadow of the Night CD

If you're like us here at the Ripple, you salivate at the thought of the NWOBHM. Yeah, the scene lived on a bit too long, but what a great bunch of bands that came out of that era. If you can relate to that, then here's a little treat for you.

Metal Mind Productions presents the first CD release of the debut album by Dark Heart“Shadow Of The Night." Dark Heart
were one of the many bands that sprung out during the golden years of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement. Formed from the ashes of Tokyo Rose in 1983, the band almost immediately got signed to Roadrunner Records and started working on their debut release. "Shadows of the Night," hit hte stores in September 1984, bringing a powerful dose of Diamond Head inspired heavy metal.

Like so many from the NWOBHM scene, Dark Heart turned out to be a 1-album band, but sometimes, it's those burst onto the scene, then leave it bands that turn out to be the most fun.

New digipak edition is limited to 1000 copies and digitally remastered ona golden disc. The album is released in the USA on March 10th.

Dark Heart
“Shadows Of The Night” (remastered)

1. Shadows of the Night
2. Dangerous Games
3. No Time For Turning
4. Teaser
5. Don't Break The Circle
6. Shout It Out
7. Giving It All For Love
8. Coming Home
9. Turn of the Tide


Postmandougie said...

Yeah, looks like this is a few years late but what the hell.

This remains one of my favorite metal albums of all time. I got it for Christmas back in '84 and played it until you could barely hear it for the wear. Luckily I taped it onto cassette which I've enjoyed for the rest of these years. Glad to see it released on CD, a long overdue release from one of the better forgotten bands of the era.

The Ripple Effect said...

Thanks for writing, man. It's amazing how many unheralded NWOBHM bands there were.

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