Saturday, May 28, 2016

FARFLUNG - New album "5" (heavy space rock / USA)

Out now on Heavy Psych Sounds - LISTEN & DOWNLOAD

"The most complex songwriting that Farflung have ever produced to date (...)
you’d have to be bloody silly to let it pass you by." Iron Fist Zine

"Trippy, hallucinatory music that’s a soundtrack to space travel while catchy hooks and infectious vocals permeate the lysergic haze." Metal Nexus

"One of the premier underground psych/stoner/space rock bands currently out there."
Outlaws Of The Sun

Internationally recognized as torchbearers in the contemporary space rock scene, championed by the likes of Helios Creed of Chrome, Henry Rollins or Voivod - who curated them at Roadburn 2012 - FARFLUNG have been altering people's minds with their psychedelic brew of fuel-driven space rock for over twenty years now. Their 1995 aptly-titled debut "25,000 Feet Per Second" immediately placed them at the forefront of the rock underground, leading them to collaborate with numerous iconic musicians such as Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Dave Catching and Gene Trautmann (Queens Of The Stone Age & Eagles Of Death Metal), Damo Suzuki (Can), or Andy Colquhoun (The Pink Faries, Deviants, Warsaw Pakt). Throughout the years, they have shared the stage with The Melvins, Voivod, Fu Manchu, Nebula, Amon Duul, Hawkwind, Silver Apples and many others...

FARFLUNG's last full-length "A Wound In Eternity" came out in 2008, after what the five-piece put out a serie of quality split records with White Hills (2012), Black Rainbows (2013) and California's brothers-in-sound Fatso Jetson (2015). This year will see the return of one of the most substantial songwriting teams in today's rock world, with the release of upcoming new album "5" on European rock powerhouse Heavy Psych Sounds.

This new album "5" will feature guest appearances by the likes of Nik Turner (Hawkwind), David Catching (QOTSA, EODM) and Gene Trautmann (QOTSA, EODM). It was recorded at Saturn Moon Studio, Tarantula Ranch and Rancho de la Luna, conferring upon the record a recognizable desert sound.

Tommy Grenas - Lead vocals, oscillators, synths and guitar
Michael Esther - Guitar, synths and vocals
Paul Hischier - Guitar
Abby Travis  - Bass, vocals and keys
Chris Nakata  - Drums, guitar, bass and vocals

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