Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Stone Triple Axe Attack

Small Stone’s been steady rolling out some really good product these days. It’s always exciting when a party pack with their return address label shows up because that means heavy rock is inside. The latest shipment was no exception. Here are 3 of their latest and greatest.

Lo Pan’s - Sasquanaut

As far as I know, Thin Lizzy and Hawkwind never played together, but if they did and had a late night jam session Lo Pan’s Sasquanaut might have been the result. This was originally released on another label but when Small Stone signed the band they did some remixing and remastered the whole thing. Never heard the original, but this sounds great. Vocals have a nice distorted halo around them and the band crushes while it swings. They can get kind of trippy at times like Mick Bolton era UFO but never to the point of pointless noodling.

buy from Small Stone:  here


Red Giant - Dysfunctional Majesty

Red Giant got my immediate attention with their great Love Gun album rip off cover artwork. Even better is the disc contained inside. Dysfunctional Majesty is their first album in about 6 years. Sounding like a really pissed off Clutch, it rocks hard right out of the gate. Crushingly heavy riffs combined with angry, strangulated vocals and frenzied drumming. Fire this one up in the car after a shitty day at work and defy the cops to pull you over. There’s even a good version of AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” as a secret bonus track. Can’t go wrong with this muther.

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“Chopper” (live)

Blackwolfgoat -  Dragonwizardsleeve

If you ever imagined what Angus and Malcolm Young would sound like borrowing a Frippertronics rig, then Blackwolfgoat’s debut Dragonwizardsleeve is right up your alley. Not the entire album is like that but opening song “Risk and Return” made me think of that. This one man instrumental band is guitarist Darryl Shepard (Hackman, Roadsaw, Milligram) not rocking like his old bands but once the rock is in you, it always comes out no matter how hard you drone. This would make a good gateway for people who are put off by the statistical density of Earth or Sunn O))). It’s also really good if you’re high on pot and need something to zone out to. But the best application would be to annoy your co-workers with. That really did the trick on a misty morning in the office.

buy from Small Stone: here

1 comment:

Horn said...

Nice... I really like Risk and Return. Like you said, Angus/Malcolm playing acoustic stoner, Earth-lite....

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