Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 078

You know the drill by now. Each issue I’m dropping some tips on some of the best music you’re not listening to. We’ll start this one right off with a bang and then mix it up as you head down the list. All good stuff even some Rap recommendations in there. Check them out guys and gals and let us know what you think and what we’ve missed.

Sandrider – Armada
Just as always Sandrider shreds it’s trademark line of pummeling riffs through dusty walls of progressive stoner carving volumetric echoes of premium fuzz. Armada does not relent and is confirms the band as one of the loudest, most aggressive hybrids of their kind. Imagine a more deafening Red Fang.

Rough Spells - Modern Kicks for The Solitary Witch
This is a straight up rocker! Complete with dual guitar slayage and head bob boogie. The Solitary Witch certainly has got my kicks in spades.

Superseed – Superseed
Superseed just sort of popped up on the bandcamp feed this week and is in the beginning stages of its hype. I listened once at work and it sounded okay. I listened again and I caught wind of something a bit better, and on the third try it syncs in that this is a pretty bad ass album combining bits of punk, grunge, metal and rock all up into one while sounding fresh and modern. Check it out.

Tennessee Stiffs – Thirty Pieces
Another bandcamp feed find doing the search in the outlaw country or country rock tags group. I noted Nashville as an origin and the band name caught my attention, followed by the photos of the band members and the description they gave themselves: “Tennessee Stiffs formed in late 2011. Fueled by their eclectic musical interests, they were determined to create something never heard before. Seamlessly blending blues, rock 'n' roll, and alternative country into a powerful and provocative product, they're quickly making a name for themselves in The Live Music Capitol of the World. New album "30 Pieces" will be released soon! Sometimes that’s all you need upon pushing play to confirm the suspicions were correct. This is a well-orchestrated output of bluesy, twangy country rock.

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
These guys are sort of one of those hipster bands I could never quite understand the hype. You either worshiped them or you thought were the worst thing since sliced bread to a celiac. Anyway, I always keep my mind open and have seen a mention or two about this album since it recently dropped and figured it’s been a long time since I attempted these guys and I was quite surprised with my take. It was a highly enjoyable and epic inducing listen with more clean vocals than shrieks and loaded with atmosphere. On the new it’s clear they we going for something more ambitious and outside their comfort zone, if they have one. This was a truly beautiful listen and I am just proud I made it all the way through. It wasn’t a struggle at all, which is normally the case with these guys and me. 

Death Drive – The Flip Sessions
This 3-song demo really got to me. I have repeated song 3 a ton already in its short lifetime and I am still in awe that more folks in the tight knit scene haven’t picked up on this. Definitely check it out.
If anything, that 3rd and final track will take you deep under the sea of psychedelia into a vortex of heavy rock n roll. Wow, this shows some serious potential. I especially dig that closing track. Jaw dropper.Favorite track: Under the Sea.

Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) – Marlowe
Hey I am allowed to listen to anything I want and why wouldn’t I indulge in some intelligent and mindful hip hop every now and then. L’Orange came on my radar a couple years ago, and I was tipped off by bandcamp feed that the newest album by Marlowe which is somehow connected to L’Orange had dropped, I had to take a break from the rock n roll and boy was I in love. I played the Ordinary Man out last year when it dropped and finally decided it was time to dirty up my collection with some more hip hop mingled in there with the stoner rock. This is what good rap sounds like. Very soul infused and highly enjoyable if I say so myself.

Mortales – Look Alive
Everything is bigger in Texas, including the riffs. Gotta love some textbook Texas stoner rock. These guys wear it in spades and look mighty Alive on this new album. Austin, TX representation.
Sweltering with lofty grooves and spacious riffs the gritty 4-piece thrashes along in the spirit of classic heavy Texas psych rock n roll. This is stunning.

Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues
I just recently received my limited vinyl edition of the new Black Elephant. This one is gonna make some serious waves, mark my words.
Black Elephant trample us with psychiatric fuzz, progressive shades of distortion and barrel smoking riffs on their Small Stone Records debut. These guys certainly represent the Cosmic side of the heavy blues bulldozing with stoner-bred vocal chops and echoing with jam fed groove. The WOW factor is off the charts!

Astral Witch – Astral Witch
Last but not least we have this new album by Astral Witch. If you like your trios like you like your cheeseburgers then you’ve came to the right place. This is dripping with greasy riffs weighted with a triple stack of fuzz and charred to perfection in a smokey barrel of sludge.

-The Huntsman

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