Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – Mid August Burn

Just like the weather in the Northern Hemisphere, bandcamp has been scorching with a high degree of ripping albums. Check out this week’s feature including some of the hottest finds that have graced my collection. 

Starchild – Starchild
Starchild came on my radar just recently and appears they have been around for a while, but they just recently set up a bunk at bandcamp. I grabbed all their albums because, well, it fucking shreds. They have two locations on bandcamp, the first one I found had the CD version of the self-titled album for sale with free shipping.
Hefty doom-laden riffs, smothered with shredding solos, born of proto-metal blood.”

After falling in love with the self-titled I back tracked and realized the older ones are great too.
“Just finding out about these guys and am blown away. Grabbed the self-titled a week or so ago and just noticed their back-catalog and it's oozing with doomy grooves galore as well!! I'm with Frederick, these albums would enhance my vinyl collection should they come out on wax! Favorite track: Earthless.”

“I vote someone put this, the self-titled, and Born Into Eternity out on a vinyl box set! Who's coming with me? Late to the Starchild game but they reside along the top shelf of my Bandcamp collection.”

The Sonic Dawn - Perception
Dreamy and psychedelic jams ridden with a bluesy twang and the signature Swedish chops. Side A peaks like a hippy in the desert staring at melting clouds on mushrooms while Side B rides into the sonic dawn on a drunken pale horse tripping on rings of smoke. I was fortunate enough to hear an advance stream and can say in confidence this is one of the best of the year. FFO The Golden Grass, Graveyard, The Lone Crows, etc

Axis Orbit – Axis Orbit
Name your price for the digital and hit the band up for a copy of the vinyl. Got mine with a Tee Shirt to boot just the other day.
Slow churning retro psych/stoner with a pleasantly poppy rock feel to it. Hot off the heals of their highly esteemed EP, this self titled is right on axis and in full orbit within the stoner/doom/psych scene.

Savanah – Deep Shades
Deep Shades of molten doom forge blazingly massive riffs and scorching solos polished off with hypnotic vocal moans. High degree of face meltability

Mount Desert – Mount Desert
I don't normally buy 2-song albums but when I do I make sure the two songs are out of this world as Mount Desert has demonstrated on this teaser. I sure hope they are planning a full length. This is spectacular!

Sleeping Widow – The Beginning of the End
Stunning combination of female and male vocals chained together with pulsating riffs, dreamy solos and psychedelic atmospherics. One minute you're pummeled with Motörhead pace strokes of the axe, the next your brain is melted into a Royal Thunder-esque heavy progressive blues trance. Absolutely mesmerizing! The vocal pattern really sets this apart from the pack in terms of value. Favorite track: Mountain Side.

The Spirit Animals – The Spirit Animals
Trippy reverb haunts the eerie waters of psychedelic surf rock. One moment you're basking in the summer sun to pop laced Beetle rock and the next you're swallowed by a tidal wave of monster riffs. Favorite track: Reality's Changing.

Phil Stanley and Naughty Water - Broadside
Looks like I’m the only one who’s purchased this thus far. I think that ought to change.
“Pleasantly twangy psychedelic blues rock. Naughty Water is less filling and tastes great.”

I Am the Albatross – Lonesome Son
I am the Albatross was sent over to me by my good pal Steve Howe of Outlaws of the Sun as he knows I like me some dark folk/Americana style music mixed in with the heavy stuff. I Am the Albatross indeed ticked on all corners for me. Comprised of intricately trippy guitar work, heavy drums, fuzzy bass, and a penchant for the western frontier. In the same vein as Across Tundras with their dusty, spiritualistic take on Americana incorporating heavy metallic elements within the folksy, rock n’ roll theme and a touch of punk rock in there as well. Can’t ignore the killer artwork either. This one would be nice to have on vinyl. 

Although the temperature in my part of the world is not as scorching as normal this year, bandcamp remains blazing hot with talent. Hope you find time to scope at least a couple of these albums out. Be sure to wear sunscreen as you’re liable to get burned by the smoking jams on display.

-The Huntsman

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