Monday, October 27, 2014

I've Got Your 7 Inches Right Here #4: Istengoat - MMXII

Haven't done one of these 7” things in a while, and what better time to break one out.  It's a combo of the 7 inchers and the “goat” series.  This is a good one.

I love South American death metal as much as I love French black metal.  It's interesting how some countries and regions just do one style of metal so well.  These guys are from Chile, and they are just as brutal as any other South American band I've heard.  The thing I love about these bands is that when you listen to this stuff, it's as though the last 20 years never happened in death metal.  Forget all the melodic and technical death that has come and gone, just go back to the original stuff, the good stuff, and you'll know what this sounds like. 

There are 3 brutal, devastating tracks here.  Nothing ground breaking, just good old meat and potatoes death metal.  I like the recording quality of this one.  A lot of these recordings sound like the band set up in a parking garage and then someone hit “record”on an old school boombox.  This one has some good production and is well recorded.  The drums are clear and where they belong in the mix.  Many times the drums get buried, and I really like to hear what the drummer is doing, so this is good.  And to make it just right, the vocals are drenched in reverb just as they should be for this style.

You can find this one on the Hells Headbangers site.  The other news I dug up on this band is that they are working on a debut full length so I will be watching for that.  You should be, too.  All hail Istengoat!


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