Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Delain -The Human Contradiction

Napalm Records Release 4 April 2014

    Delain has created a masterfully crafted follow up to their last album with "The Human Contradiction". The melody lines interplay well with the bands heavy chops. This is Symphonic metal at its purest and finest caliber. A tour de force of sound and emotion.

     Charlotte's voice is a major powerhouse of searing angelic notes. She seems to be really in the pocket with this album, in fact the whole band does. Delain is producing stellar music on a higher scale than the rest in their genre.  A pronounced and intense sonic assault on your musical ears. Perfection.

"Here Come the Vultures" is the kick off tune and her voice shines like a magic crystal. The delivery is spot on and intense. What a great opening to this killer album.

"Your Body is a battleground", and "Stardust" are some seriously intense songs. In particular "Your Body" is probably one of my all time favorite Delain songs.

killer guitar work on "Army of Dolls". This band is on fire. Raging behind Charlotte's power vocals. Had to play that one twice and loud!!!
Overall this album is full of potential hits. The symphonic metal arena is currently flooded with bands but Delain rises to the top with this release.

8/10 horns up

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