Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ancient Crypts – Devoured By Serpents

How badass is Ancient Crypts?  This release came out on tape.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A release on cassette tape. Talk about a band where no fucks are given.  When you put your music out on a format that, what, maybe 173 people worldwide have the capability to play, you are truly underground.  So they score big points in their favor right off the bat.

This one is a quick hitter, only 4 tracks of devastating, crushing death metal.  Actually, when I first listened to this, I thought I was in for some high quality doom.  The opening song, “Deep Into The Ancient Crypts”, plods and stumbles along like a freshly made zombie just getting his feet underneath him.  Then, bam, we're up to light speed and blazing along in full on death mode.  When these guys drop the hammer, you better hang on, because they are not playing around.

Track number two, “Between The Mortuary Remains”, doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve.  This is just a slamming death metal number.  A little slower than the first one but still a nice deathly groove.  The title track, “Devoured By Serpents”, plays around with tempos a little bit and there is a very cool mix of doom and death in this one.  I really like how this band has a good, solid handle on both of those genres and is very comfortable sliding between them.  And that is how this track feels, a little slimy, a little greasy, in the best way possible.

All to soon we find this one wrapping up with “Procession Of Nyarlathotep”, which stomps its way into your head.  Is it up tempo doom or down tempo death?  Well, around the 2 minute mark it doesn't matter because the band rockets off again and leaves no doubt that they have this death metal stuff down cold.

Hopefully there is more to come, and soon, from Ancient Crypts.  This is really good metal and I love the way they combine doom and death to make something that is really their own.  Not a lot of bands have the chops make that blend work, but these guys do it like there's nothing to it.  Make sure to check this one out.  And for all you kids who don't know what a cassette is, maybe you can buy a download somewhere.


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