Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've Got Your 7 Inches Right Here #2 - Putrid Yell/Eaten Alive Split and Unaussprechlichen Kulten/Godless Split

This time around I've got a special treat for you.  Two 7 inch splits from the deepest, darkest heart of Chile.  I know, not exactly a hotbed of metal, but there is some fantastic South American metal out there, and if all you know of metal from south of the border is Sepultura, you need to get out more.  And you need to listen to some better stuff than Sepultura, too.

Our first 7 incher starts out with a band called Putrid Yell and their song “Wrenching”.  I don't hear much wrenching going on, but this one starts out with an absolutely creepy chant, invocation, something.  I'm pretty open minded and up for anything, but whatever they are invoking I want no part of.  And just as you get good and creeped out, they lay on the death metal.  Nothing fancy or ground breaking here, just straight ahead death, done very well.  Oh and more chanting at the end.  Next!!

The other half of this split is Eaten Alive and a somber little ditty called “Mangled In The Morgue”.  This is just an slow, menacing riff over and over again, a little to fast to be black, a little to slow to be full on death, and another one that will send not altogether good tingles up and down your spine.  South American metal is pretty old school, as though the last 20 years never happened, and these guys certainly live up to that.  Good stuff.

On to the next split, we find Chilean godfathers of black metal Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  For those of you up on your Cthulu mythos, that name should mean something.  If you're a fan of metal, it should mean something to you as well.  The track is called “Azathoth, Azazel, Azoth”.  Those are the names of demons, folks, and this track sounds like demons having a hell of good time.  Nasty, foul, brutal death metal.  Be still my heart.

Wrapping things up for this edition we have Godless, crushing us with a black metal slab of a song called “Ontomorsophia”.  I'll let you dial up and sort out what that means. Sonically, this goes along very well with the other track on the split.  Evil metal that might keep you up late at night if you listen to it right before you go to bed, this is another one that will have the hair standing up on the back of you neck.  This one is not for the faint of heart.

Hopefully these 4 bands will have you checking out all the brutality that can be found in South American metal.  Seriously, some of the most brutal, evil, creepy tracks I've ever heard are from underground metal bands from this continent.  Do yourself the favor of broadening your horizons and embracing the underground wherever it might be found. - ODIN

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