Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sheaer - Duck On Cover

It’s sometimes a good thing to get a band that I’ve never heard before, sometimes it isn’t, and luckily this time it was a pleasant surprise to get this one. This Berlin, Germany band grabbed me with its first catchy hook and didn’t let go of my ears.

Playing a mix of rock, indie, and punk, this band really did an outstanding job with their own production job that gave enough of a rough edge to add to the sound without taking anything away from the sonic power that they lay out on this album. This hook-laden album mixed all the styles together with ease and you could hear the forcefulness of the vocals coming through the wall of sound that the band made. With a ton of melody and some energetic playing, the band really took charge on their fourth album and the band’s playing really shined on this collection of songs.

Some hard-edged vocals, chugging guitar that had terrific leads breaking through, a bass guitar that took on a forceful sound, drumming that combined with the bass, gave a nice groove, and the background vocals that added to the melodic, but hard-hitting songs made this a great listen. It’s always a shock that the bands that I hear about all of the time are over-hyped and under-talented, and bands like Shearer should get the support and accolades that they deserve instead of the mediocre crap out there.

I know that this was a surprise for me and hopefully, this will be a surprise for you as well, a band that can kick your ass and get your adrenaline pumping at the same time. Grab this, turn it up and let the twelve songs take control of your soul for a while, it’s worth every second of it.


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