Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Call Of The Void – Dragged Down A Dead End Path

You try.  Every day you go to a job you hate, but at least it's a job, right?  You bust your ass, you do your absolute best, and no one notices, no one cares that you do more than the slackers you work with.  You do it because its the right thing to do, but the only raise you ever get is when the minimum wage goes up.  It starts.

After work you go back to your shitty apartment.  You hate it, you never want to take anyone there, you don't want anyone to know where you live, but its all you can afford.  It builds.  You have to walk or ride the bus everywhere you go.  Mostly you walk, because who wants to ride the bus with all the lowlifes and dregs of humanity, the psychos, the people who harass you, the people who are a danger to everyone else who rides.  It grows.

Your life feels like you are being slowly, inevitably ground down to dust.  Life is a diamond sharp grinding wheel and you are pressed hard against it every day.  Your life is rage, you hate it, you hate everything.  And then the last straw happens.  The rage pours out of you in a maelstrom of destruction.  It erupts.

If that is your life, then this album is your soundtrack.  Holy fuck is there a lot of rage and malevolence in this release.  It seeps out of the speakers, so don't you dare listen to this with headphones or it will slide into your brain and take you alive.  This album hits you with a full on assault from the first few seconds and leaves you mangled, deranged and changed 25 minutes later.  You will not be the same if you spin this album even once.

This is crust, punk, grind, powerviolence all rolled into one very nasty treat.  I don't know what it says about me that I loved it from the first moment of the first track, but so be it.  And this is just the debut release from Call Of The Void.  These fellas have the stuff of legend hardwired into their musical DNA, and if they can follow this up with some solid releases in the future they will be one of those can't miss acts when they come through town.  Hell, I've already been looking for dates in my area.

Don't miss out on these guys.  This is music that makes you want to pin your ears back and bellow at the world, howl at all the indignity and shit that most of us have to put up with in life.  This is anger made flesh.  This is the fucking good stuff right here my friends. 


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