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It Came From ReverbNation #14: featuring Voice of Addiction, Doll, Bitter Herbs, Dozens, The Yesberger Band, and SharBaby

From April 4th to June 4th The Ripple Effect ran a campaign on the excellent online music website ReverbNation (  This campaign allowed any artist or band registered with ReverbNation to submit their music to The Ripple Effect for possible review on the site and airplay on The Ripple Effect radio shows.  When all was said and done we had received 4,799 submissions!  Incredible!  The purpose of this column is to highlight those artists and bands whose musical submissions I accepted as being worthy of consideration.  While these are not reviews per se, I’m going to provide a brief rundown of what to expect from each artist/band, a sample when available, and a link to check out more on their corresponding ReverbNation page.

Voice Of Addiction – From Chicago, IL comes this three man unit bursting forth with more punk energy than a fission reactor!  They utilize old-school punk instrumentation on speed and then throw modern punk vocals on top to complete their dominating sound.  If you’re a punk rock fan looking for something new to chew on take a listen to this band.  Similar artists include The Clash, Bad Religion, and Against Me!.

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – “Wrecking Ball (Clip)


Doll – Hey, do you miss the sound of hard rock/grunge from the 1990’s?  If so this Ottawa, Canada quartet is aimed directly at your heart!  In my opinion, this band takes what those 90’s bands did and adds multiple layers of piss and vinegar to the mix.  All three songs I listened to absolutely rock!  Ultra powerful instrumentation and undeniably electric vocals.  Wow!  Similar artists include L7, Distillers, and Hole.

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – “FMO”

Bitter Herbs – This sounds pretty bizarre in my opinion for something listed as singer/songwriter.  The second tag, garage folk, explains this Huntington Woods, MI band’s sound more accurately.  Their song submission has this wonderful, old-timey parlor feel complete with twinkly piano.  The vocals sound to my ears like a mix of Bob Dylan and a low register Harry Nilsson.  Similar artists include the aforementioned Dylan, Lou Reed, and Elvis Costello.  Check them out waveriders.

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – “Late o’ Clock (The Viral Edition)”

Dozens – Now this song submission really snuck up on me.  It begins so quietly I questioned whether it had even begun, and suddenly the song blossomed into a wonderful example of indie synth-driven pop rock!  This trio from Chicago, IL lists MGMT, Cut Copy, and Hall & Oates as similar artists.  Frankly, I was pretty perturbed that there was only one song to sample.  I’d definitely like to hear more!

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – “Sounds Of Your Lovers”

The Yesberger Band – If you like your pop music to be performed by jazz musicians than you really need to listen to this trio of young men from Boston, MA.  They have that whole ‘upbeat pop sung by a crooner’ style down to a science.  In fact, the two songs I listened to are almost too catchy for their own good!  Similar artists include Jamie Cullum and Ben Folds.  Follow the link and get happy.

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – “More Than Once”

SharBaby – Waveriders I know that you all love some blues.  Good, old fashioned, authentic blues.  Well let me introduce you to this quality purveyor of said music.  This talented lady from Birmingham, AL has been playing her guitar and singing now for 44 years.  Every song I listened to (and she has quite a few to sample believe me) sounded fantastic!  Similar artists include Tina Turner, Etta James, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino.  You know what to do folks.

ReverbNation Page –
Song Sample – Live at the Black Belt Folk Roots Festival


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