Sunday, June 12, 2011

Haemorrhage - Hospital Carnage

The Spanish are known  for many brutal things. Most of these things involve bulls. When thinking of Spanish music it usually invokes light vocals over just as kind heated sounding instrumentals. Haemorrhage from Madrid, Spain bring the musical brutality…no bulls needed.

Haemorrhage bring to us their new album entitled Hospital Carnage. I won’t say that album artwork is a key selling point of a band but this cover is pretty cool. It depicts what appears to be a surgeon who has just murdered his staff and patient. Very cool.

Musically the band takes me back to the old days of grind core. Namely, Carcass. You can tell these Spanish grinders had some Carcass inspirations. The lead off track, “Open Heart Butchery” is a great way to open the album. Guttural vocals and blast beats offer a familiar death metal experience but make you want to hear more.

Another key track on the album is, “911 (Emergency Slaughter)” which begins with a recorded “911, what’s your emergency” which is quickly turns into heavy guitar riffs and almost pig like squeals. The track is then met with powerful drums which offer up a nice little up beat groove. This song made me want to start a circle pit in the living room…which my cats were none to happy about and scattered underneath the nearest chair.

The fifteenth and final track on the album, “Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist After…” is a quick under one minute track.  Great for the ADD metal head. My personal favorite thing about this track is what seems to be a Spanish soap opera playing in the background. It adds a little something to the brutality that is this track and makes it that much cooler.

Bottom line, Hospital Carnage has earned it’s spot in my death/grind rotation. Guttural vocals, heart stopping blast beats and heavy guitars make this an album to check out. If you enjoy bands such as: Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, Anal Cunt or the likes of Bolt Thrower are sure to dig Haemorrhage’s Hospital Carnage.


Buy here: Hospital Carnage
Buy here mp3: Hospital Carnage

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