Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stone Axe Signs With Ripple Music For Future Releases

Fresh off the success of their first collaboration, a 7" split single between Stone Axe and Mighty High, multi-instrumentalist and rock preservationist T. Dallas Reed has signed with Ripple Music to re-release the critically praised Stone Axe self-titled debut on both vinyl and deluxe CD packages. Originally released in 2009, Stone Axe lit the message boards on fire with it's ballsy, retro, bluesy sound, bringing back the classic sound of rock that so many were craving. Now set to be gloriously re-unleashed, the vinyl edition of the album includes an extended jam of one of the original tunes and a full lyric sheet. The LP version will hit the streets on September 7th.

The CD edition of the album, which will see the light of day later in the year, will be a deluxe package with almost 30 minutes of bonus live tracks and a DVD of original promotional videos, live performances, and bonus footage from the recording of the album. A true panacea for the Stone Axe fans!

"Stone Axe are quietly becoming one of the most seminal “new classic” rock bands on the scene.” – Sleazegrinder, Classic Rock Magazine

But, that's not all. Now signed to Ripple Music, T. Dallas Reed has opened his ever expansive vault of recorded material to Ripple Music. In 2011, Ripple Music will release a mind-blowing third Stone Axe full length LP, and a re-release of the first Mos Generator LP to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the debut of this legendary stoner rock band. This Mos Generator LP will be laden with bonus material and live performances.

Look for a surprise Stone Axe EP to come out later this year as well!

"They may very well get lumped into the stoner rock category. That wouldn't do them justice though. These guys lug out the massive sounds and they begin spinning them around, manipulating and pulling us with them.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine

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