Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Die Antwoord - 5 EP

Only one band can say they are the hottest and best thing to come out of South Africa since Charlize Theron. That band is Die Antwoord, a hip hop/rap group that heavily relies on electronics or as they describe it, new zef gang$ta rap. Their name is Afrikaans for "The Answer.” The lineup is reminiscent of Salt-N-Peppa and Run DMC with two excellent emcees backed by a remarkable DJ.Die Antwoord consists of lead vocalist Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er also contributing vocals as a hype-man similar to Flavor Flav of Public Enemy and DJ Hi-Tekspinning their beats (Note: Vuilgeboost aka Hi-Tek Junior spins for the band  occasionally). Over the past two years, the band has become a YouTube and Internet sensation with their music videos, especially their “Enter the Ninja” music video.

The best way to describe the band is they are absolutely addictive. Their viral hit song, “Enter the Ninja” kicks of the "5" EP and is a tease of what lies ahead for the group. The obnoxiously catchy song is filled with smooth rapid flowing lyrics. And if you’re still haunted by the song and want some more, a danceable remix of “Enter the Ninja” is included as the fifth and final track.

Their next song, “Wat Kyk Jy,” an Afrikaan slang for “what are you looking at?”, shows the gritty side of the band with a lazy rap. Yo-Landi and Ninja exchange in English and Afrikan between persistent hooks. Their unpredictable vocal choice, beats and lyrics is what makes this band so unique and remarkable. This is followed up by “I Don’t Need You,” an infectious dance song that is more of a rave/ dance song. It completely catches you off guard at first, but once you recognize Ninja’s rapping its quite enjoyable. Ninja’s monotone rhyming and spacey sound is extremely enticing in a weird way, but it somehow works on this

“Enter the Ninja” is the song that catapulted them to fame, but it’s “Fish Paste” that will bring Die Antwoord more mainstream success and their careers to a whole new level. This is easily by far the most accessible song of the bunch and proves this band isn’t one of those bands who will disappear. Ninja, Vi$$ser and DJ Hi-Tek are having fun with their music and so should you. This particular song is reminiscent of a Drake and Kid Cudi song, but it’s a smoother, ridiculous fun song.

 Die Antwoord is a breath of fresh air to the rap industry and that cannot be emphasized enough. This EP is merely a warm up act to a revamped version of their debut $0$ album, which was previously released through Die Antwoord’s website. Their odd, eclectic sound is what makes them such a fantastic and exciting band to listen to in this current dreary filled rap music scene. The future looks bright. If you enjoy this band, also check out similar artists Jack Parow and MaxNormal.Tv.  -- Mr Brownstone

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